Executive coaching – your potential

Are you true to yourself and your potential, or are you blocking the way for yourself?

The prerequisite for high benefit from coaching sessions is your willingness to change, the courage to be honest and the trust between us. And if the courage is long in coming – we’ll start there.

Courage is not the absence of fear, but a victory over fear. To do it even though you are afraid. Taking a chance, standing up for what you believe in or simply doing the right thing, they are all kinds of courage.

I do not believe in standard programs with forced and committed action plans. We have plenty of these already. It just creates meaninglessness and stress. Instead you will shape your own leadership compass by identifying your purpose, results needed, your belonging and what unique strengths and potentials you will allow to unfold.

However, with me you will embark on a journey where you find the solutions yourself as a result of greater knowledge about yourself and your strengths. You will see opportunities that you could not see before. You will gain profit and overview. You use your resources optimally. It gives energy, freedom and ultimately a stronger force.  

Your career – your life

Is your career on the right course, or is it time to set new sails? Many of us may need external sparring to clarify this.

In a carrier counseling process, you will become aware of your strengths and development areas, and the way forward in your career path.

We begin the course by mapping out your career profile supported if relevant with your assessments and development tools such as 360-degree feedback, DISC, MBTI, FIRO-B or Hogan.

You will gain insight into your personal preferences, strengths and potentials. Is there a right balance between your career motives and career direction? Or should you try out new opportunities that will motivate you to a greater extent?

Typical themes in a career counseling course:

  • Mapping out career profile
  • Clarifying the past – your career history, relationships, situations and choices
  • Uncovering forces, development areas and possible paths to follow
  • Increased insight into one’s own personality
  • Impact and professional roles
  • Gender and career
  • Realizing new potentials and the way forward

Existential Therapy – the art of living

Perhaps you want to understand your thoughts, feelings and actions better so that you can change your patterns and brighten up your life. Working therapeutically at the existential level means that you take responsibility for “coming home” to yourself. And everybody can do that, if they want to. It requires thoughtfulness, will and courage – and support.

I work from an existential and humanistic frame of understanding. That is, I work with human resources, potentials – and the fact to take life as a gift – and an obligation.

It is my experience that truth, intelligence and wisdom exist in the combination of rationality and empathy, reason and intuition – in short, the mind and the intelligence of the heart.

Carla Leilani Packness
Brönnums Hus
August Bournonvilles Passage 1
1055 København K
T: +45 22 33 83 98
E: carla@packnesspartners.com

Carla Leilani Packness


Brönnums Hus
August Bournonvilles Passage 1
1055 København K

T: +45 22 33 83 98
E: cp@carlapackness.com